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 Evaluating the effectiveness of municipalities’ finance functions in supporting the delivery of the core local government mandate

 Assisting municipalities to implement structures, process, technology and skills development to enhance revenue

 Assist with determination of Tariffs

 Guiding municipalities on best options, methods and systems to forecast and manage cash flow

 Advising on best options for supply chain management to ensure compliance and efficiency to support service delivery

 Providing contract management solutions aimed at reducing municipalities exposure and optimising benefits

 Working with municipalities to reduce the administrative burden of reporting to multiple stakeholders that require similar information for example the various   Regulators, National Treasury and other Governmental Departments

 Providing innovative solutions to reduce the time taken to effect year end close and to improve the quality of annual financial statements

 Assist municipalities with the development of Audit Action Plans

 Clearing audit queries and assist with management comments

 Clearing suspense accounts

 Confirm adequacy of Bank Reconciliations

 Confirm adequacy of Debtors Reconciliations

 Confirm adequacy of Creditors Reconciliations

 Perform Supporting Documents Reconciliations (Strong Room vs GL)

 Compile GRAP Annual Financial Statements

 Compile Audit File for GRAP AFS

 Reconcile new assets additions on Fixed Assets Register to General Ledger

 Assist in developing GRAP compliant Fixed Assets Registers

 Management of Grants Management Registers

 Assist municipalities with bonus and leave provision calculations as per GRAP 19

 Provide assistance in interpreting and Implementation of GRAP Standards

 Development of turnaround strategies

 Financial reporting (GRAP and modified cash basis)

 Development of financial systems and controls

 Providing VAT Recovery

 Providing governance systems